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So I was driving with a friend of mine, 'John' on the beach, and asked him to stop and walk. So we moved to one side and came and went. After five minutes we came to some caves. The couriosity in me took bubblebutt over and started walking with them. It was so dark I could see absolutely nothing. John, I called but got no response. At that time I was on my knees in search of a low point. I crawled as I felt something hot and hard against my face. Please, John complained, when I raised my hand to measure it. He was bubblebutt fine, about 9 inches thick. It was not long before I was masturbating as hard as I could trying to get me. Very suddden a hand came to me. I can asked the stranger, and at that time I was so wetnhorny that all I could do was nod. as his hand went to work I took John's big cock in my mouth. josh I suddenly realize until much later, three fingers in me and I bit her John. as Josh raped his hand around my wAIST and began to let his cock tease pussy was ready for me, John fuck my mouth so hard my throat started to hurt. suddenly, like John left his mouth filled with sweet juice, whole josh pushed 11 inches on me. almost made me gag, which is shed for John, bubblebutt but I licked every drop delicious. That's when Josh pulled out and said the two may come suddenly found myself on top of John, when he pushed into me compleatly. as bubblebutt he slowly started to kiss me, I felt I was playing with my pussy hand of Josh, the collection of juices. so while you have a nipple and the other the other had, Josh began to lubricate my ass. Well how John was about to cum, he was very exciting and I josh under control. I never had something so amazing. Together we have developed a rate three Increadble. I started to scream fuck me more, I ask that they need more difficult, a rooster was thrown into my face. That's when the three arrived, one in bubblebutt my sweet pussy tight, but wet, the other my ass and the other my mouth. Gradually, the two moved in me and walked away. But my mouth on my face book, pumping his sperm inside me. No sooner out of my mouth I pushed on all fours in the sand and his staff at my pussy dripping. when he hit slow, I also felt a mouth, licking my juices every time it was taken. Stoop, to record my shoulders and pulled back so hard that he cried. bubblebutt Thata cry right for me, for you are going to have an erection. then grab my waist and began to bubblebutt fuck me more than ever. all I could say was more difficult, yes, please yes yes yes faster faster. He began to pull, what I want to speak to them, but I turned and it was too late, he extended his sperm in me with each thrust of what an alcoholic. Much later, John and I went back to the car, the sperm juice runs down my legs. enire the way back to his house, which he held three fingers in my pussy tease me, ad bring me near the car passes by. when we got home, he kissed his fingers. It was then that our friendship to another level. but we never fuck each other alone, there is always at least one other person. mainly because he liked me being fucked.
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